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Design, production, delivery and erection of :
1. Hollowcore slabs – 200mm thick = 725m2
2. Pre-stressed beams = 12 nos
24,000mm x 1500mm x 400mm (12 nos)
12,000mm x 1200mm x 400mm (8 nos)


Five Private Villas at A' Ali [ Bahrain ]

The project comprises of four (4) Typical Villas plus a Main Villa including Car Parks, Service Buildings and a Sub-station Building.
It is a very special project for BPC where the Architecture has made a bold and daring step to design to utilize precast’s advantages to its maximum. Precast Wall Panels with multi-coloured fair faced finish, has pushed thru the border of precast concept. For BPC it is a showcase project for its capability to produce unique finishes. This project includes:
Beams: 76 numbers (pigmented, white and grey fair faced)
columns: 22 numbers (pigmented, white acid washed and grey fair faced)
Insulated panels: 320 numbers (pigmented, white and grey acid washed and fair faced),
Load bearing walls: 64 numbers (white & grey fair faced)
Parapet panels: 112 numbers (pigmented, white and grey, fair faced)
Solid slabs: 8 numbers, (Grey fair faced)
Hollowcore slabs: 150mm: 1200 square meters and 200mm: 3430 square meters
Staircase steps and landings: 376 (pigmented polished)
Curved panels: 4 numbers (pigmented and white fair faced)



Design, production and delivery of:
1 26,620m2 of 1000 x 2500 x 100mm thick cladding panels, including variants, for the Main Hotel area.
2 1,880m2 of corner cladding panels, 100mm thick.
3 400m2 of coping panels, 100mm thick
4 2,506m2 of 600 x 1200 x 100mm thick cladding panels, including variants, for the Podium area.


Design, production and delivery of approximately 30,400m2 of 100mm thick Precast concrete cladding panels.
in light brown coloured concrete with white Omani aggregates having 3 different types of finishing ie. light sandblasted, medium sandblasted and acidwashed
Concrete volume = 3,140m3
Reinforcement = 204T



Design, production, delivery and erection of 2 nos full building system Accommodation Blocks:
1. Hollowcore slabs – 150mm thick = 3,903m2
2. 230mm thk Insulated external loadbearing panels
3. 180mm thk internal loadbearing panels
4. 120mm thk internal non-loadbearing panels
5. Columns
6. Staircases
External insulated load bearing panels were given an exposed RAK aggregates finished by sandblasting on pink coloured concrete.
Concrete volume = 1,130m3
Reinforcement = 36T


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