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Design, production, delivery and erection of :
1. Hollowcore slabs – 200mm thick = 725m2
2. Pre-stressed beams = 12 nos
24,000mm x 1500mm x 400mm (12 nos)
12,000mm x 1200mm x 400mm (8 nos)


G+4-storey Residential Building [ Bahrain ]

Design, production, delivery and erection of precast elements such as external insulated panels, shearwalls, internal panels, parapet beams. Columns, staircases and hollowcore slabs.


Five Private Villas at A' Ali [ Bahrain ]

The project comprises of four (4) Typical Villas plus a Main Villa including Car Parks, Service Buildings and a Sub-station Building.
It is a very special project for BPC where the Architecture has made a bold and daring step to design to utilize precast’s advantages to its maximum. Precast Wall Panels with multi-coloured fair faced finish, has pushed thru the border of precast concept. For BPC it is a showcase project for its capability to produce unique finishes. This project includes:
Beams: 76 numbers (pigmented, white and grey fair faced)
columns: 22 numbers (pigmented, white acid washed and grey fair faced)
Insulated panels: 320 numbers (pigmented, white and grey acid washed and fair faced),
Load bearing walls: 64 numbers (white & grey fair faced)
Parapet panels: 112 numbers (pigmented, white and grey, fair faced)
Solid slabs: 8 numbers, (Grey fair faced)
Hollowcore slabs: 150mm: 1200 square meters and 200mm: 3430 square meters
Staircase steps and landings: 376 (pigmented polished)
Curved panels: 4 numbers (pigmented and white fair faced)



Design, production and delivery of approximately 31,450m2 of 150mm thick precast solid panels.
There were 3 different finishes in exposed Omani aggregates by sandblasting (S1 ˝ & 3) and by acidwashing.



Design, production, delivery and erection of 24 nos of different sizes and shapes of beams, 100m2 of 265mm thick hollowcore slabs, 2 sets of tower and staircases.


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